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To add your free listing as a provider of custom cheerleading/dance routine music, email these 5 things to me at corey@mixplayapp.com

  1. Name to appear on MixPlay (either your first and last name, or your business name)
  2. URL of your web site to send clients to, if you have one.
  3. Location - your city, state/province, country
  4. Image - Either attach your headshot photo or business logo, or give me a URL to it. I'll crop it to 128x128 pixels for you.
  5. Services - Which of these services you offer: music mixing, cheer choreography, and/or full dance-routine choreography (not just a cheer dance :)

I'll get your info posted in a few days, and I'll add you to my MixPlay email list for occasional updates to this service (no spam!). If you need to update your info in the future, just email it to me.

Also, let me know of any ideas you have on how I can make this service better for you and the coaches. I have some ideas on future expanded listings, but for now I'm keeping it simple to start with, and I'd love to hear any ideas you have.


Privacy Policy

Your info is safe! The MixPlay app doesn't collect any of your information. For the email list, your email address will be saved securely (via MailChimp.com) and not shared with anyone. I promise!

Questions or suggestions?

Hello! I'm Corey Stone, creator of MixPlay, Cheermoji, HERO Keyboard, and former @KUcheer coach. If you have any suggestions or ideas of cheer stuff you'd like me to make, email me at corey@mixplayapp.com or tweet @mixplayapp. Thanks!